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As with text, the consistency of image data is essential for high-quality print products. Unlike standard PDF comparison tools, Eagle Eye not only analyzes the text data but also detects changes in the embedded images. This makes your workflow more efficient and the often cumbersome change tracking of image manipulations is history.


Subtle retouching in line art and photographs are often difficult to track.

Whether placed directly in the pagination or freely in the PDF, Eagle Eye helps you to detect at a glance where image corrections have been made, even without access to the open image data.

Image placement

When relinking illustrations, it all too easily occurs that images no longer show the same illustration sections or image frames are no longer consistent with the previous version. This inconvenience rapidly turns into desaster when such errors are overlooked and eventually printed.

Our tool makes it apparent at a glance whether, and if so where, images have strayed from the right path.


The handling of complex graphics can sometimes be tedious and risky. If, for instance, the required fonts are missing they will be automatically replaced by standard fonts in the document which might be neither desirable nor attractive.

Eagle Eye immediately raises alarm when fonts in graphics are missing or other content has changed from one document version to the next.