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License for 1 user

~ EUR 19,00/month

~ EUR 95,00/half-year (corresponds to approximately EUR 15,85/month)

~ EUR 171,00/year (corresponds to EUR 14,25/month)

License for 5 users

~ EUR 45,00/month

~ EUR 245,00/half-year (corresponds to approximately EUR 40,85/month)

~ EUR 441,00/year (corresponds to EUR 36,75/month)

License for 10 users

~ EUR 69,00/month

~ EUR 345,00/half-year (corresponds to EUR 57,50/month)

~ EUR 621,00/year (corresponds to approximately EUR 51,75/month)

All variants of the subscription can be canceled for the following billing period at any time. Interested? Contact us!