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“Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.”

~ Leonardo da Vinci (1452 — 1519)

Eagle Eye is an online application for easy and highly efficient comparison of different versions of PDF documents. Unlike conventional PDF comparison tools, our software does not analyze the text contained in the documents but the position of its pixels. As a result, you get visual highlighting of even the smallest differences in areas as big as one pixel on the compared files — infallible, incorruptible and one hundred percent reliable.

Whom is Eagle Eye targeting?

Our program is perfect for users who professionally deal with the processing and quality assurance of layouted PDF documents: typesetting and printing companies, media designers, publishing houses and marketing departments.

You need to ensure that all adjustment requests have been implemented into the current PDF document? That search & replace runs had no unwanted consequences? That the correct fonts were loaded? That the update from one InDesign version to the next didn’t affect the page composition of your layout? That unchanged reprints are really unchanged?

With our online application, you have a dashing software at hand to have all adjustments made between two document versions highlighted with lightning speed. You can concentrate on checking the marked areas only — so you can quickly turn back to more exciting activities.

How does Eagle Eye work?

You need an internet connection, a browser and a mouse — our program will do the rest.

For a more detailed insight, take a moment and watch our demo clip.

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What's new?

In the new update of version 1.1 we offer a lot of new features: Eagle Eye can now handle comments in the PDF and display them live in the comparison preview.

In addition, you can now filter whether the entire page should be matched, or whether pixel graphics, vector graphics or text should be ignored during the comparison.

More info about the new features:


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