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Improvements since version 1.1

General Settings

Elements in a PDF file can now be filtered out and ignored for comparision. This saves the eyesight of our Eagle Eye and saves you time when checking your results!

There are three available options:

Remove pixel images

With this Option you can exclude all pixel images in your PDFs from the comparison.

This makes comparing low resolution data PDFs with high resolution print PDFs much easier.

Remove vector graphics

With this option you can exclude all your vector graphics from the comparison. Vector graphics also define table frames, coloured backgrounds and comments – every drawn content that doesn’t represent images or text.

This can be useful, if you want to avoid differences in your analysis, because of inserted notes.

Remove text

With this option you can exclude the whole text in your PDFs from the Comparison.

This can be useful, if you want to compare the position of the images between two language versions of a title and make sure, that they remain on the right position.

Please be aware that if you remove all elements on a comparision, this leads to comparing two empty pages - which are always identical.

User interface – Buttons:

You can now highlight the differences dynamically on every page.

On every PDF there are the switches and available (Show/hide highlight of differences).

In combination with the other switches to minimize and maximize a PDF page, you have full control of the efficiency on viewing your comparision result.

Comments inside a PDF can now be dynamically shown or hidden in the comparision.

There's a button available for that on every PDF. and .

Inside of this button you can see the number of comments on this specific page.

Comments are shown on the page and highlighted by a black border.

Clicking on a comment icon will show it's text in a small window hovering over the page. This small window with the comment contains further informations, such as the kind of comment (visualized through a icon), the author of the comment and answers to that comment.

In this way, you can easily determine whether a change is desired at this point or not and whether the commissioned correction was carried out in your sense. Furthermore, when reviewing your files, you will not miss any queries or other communication that was conducted via the comment function.

User interface – more

After successful execution of the comparison, the number of compared pages and the number of pages with deviations are displayed.